UK’s AI Safety Summit 2023 Calls For International Cooperation To Mitigate Frontier AI Risks


November 01, 2023

  • A two-day AI safety summit will be held on November 1 and 2 in Bletchley Park, England. Government officials and companies from around the world, including the US and China, will attend.
  • UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will use the summit to make a statement on the UK’s role in the global conversation on AI and how the technology should be regulated.

The UK hosts an AI summit this week, and global leaders concerned about the rapid advancements in AI gathered for the event. It attracted numerous government officials and companies across the globe, particularly from the USA and China. It was held at Bletchley Park, located 55 miles north of London.

The primary goal of this summit is to establish international coordination for addressing the ethical and responsible development of AI models. With a specific focus on “Frontier AI models,” the summit addresses two key issues: the ‘misuse of AI’ and concerns related to the ‘loss of control over AI.’

The Following Will Attend The Event:

  • Microsoft President: Brad Smith
  • OpenAI CEO: Sam Altman
  • Google DeepMind CEO: Demis Hassabis
  • Meta AI Chief: Yann Le Cun
  • Meta President of Global Affairs: Nick Clegg
  • US Vice President: Kamala Harris
  • A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology
  • European Commission President: Ursula Von Der Leyen

Notable Absentees Include:

  • US President: Joe Biden
  • Canadian Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau
  • French President: Emmanuel Macron
  • German Chancellor: Olaf Scholz

When asked about PM Sunak’s rejection by his international counterparts, his spokesperson responded, “No. Not at all. I think, we remain confident that we have brought together the right group of world experts in the AI space. That includes leading businesses, world leaders, and representatives who would take on this vital issue. It is the first AI Summit of its own kind. And I think it’s a significant achievement that for the first time, people from across the world, and indeed from across a range of world leaders and AI experts are coming together to look at these frontier risks.”.

Moreover, a key concern regarding the UK inviting China was also addressed by Sunak’s spokesperson, who explained that China was invited due to its status as a world leader in AI.

Furthermore, the British government aims for the AI summit to serve as a platform for reshaping the technological future. It intends to emphasize issues such as safety, ethics, and responsible AI development while fostering global collaboration on these matters.

Last week, Prime Minister Sunak issued a warning regarding the transformative power of AI, drawing parallels to historical revolutions like the Industrial Revolution, the advent of electricity, and the birth of the internet. Simultaneously, he acknowledged the associated risks.“In the most unlikely but extreme cases, there is even the risk that humanity could lose control of AI completely through the kind of AI sometimes referred to as super intelligence,” Sunak said. In response, he unveiled plans for the world’s first AI safety institute in the UK, with a specific focus on assessing and testing new AI technologies to understand their associated risks. Additionally, he proposed the formation of a global expert panel, to be selected by AI summit participants, tasked with producing a comprehensive report on the state of AI science.

Looking ahead, by the end of the year, the EU aims to finalize its AI Act, which will stand as one of the world’s first laws exclusively centered on AI. Subsequently, the rule is set to be adopted by early 2024, just in time for the June elections to the European Parliament.


The AI Safety Summit 2023 is a landmark event that brings together world leaders, AI experts, and civil society groups to discuss the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. The summit’s conclusions will have a significant impact on the future of AI development and deployment. The global community now seems united in its commitment to ensuring that AI is developed and used safely and responsibly.

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