Investing in AI, better now than later!


As per market predictions, the global AI sector is on track for remarkable growth, with an anticipated market worth exceeding £10 trillion in the near term. Artificial intelligence is a transformative influence in numerous sectors, including finance. As companies increasingly depend on data-driven decision-making, AI has become the driving factor behind improved efficiency, smart automation, and exceptional insights. The promising aspect is that AI technology is still in its early stages, offering numerous profit opportunities in AI stocks for informed investors. A noteworthy UK-based company gaining attention is RC 365 Holding (symbol: RCGH), a London Stock Exchange unicorn making significant strides. Through its pioneering application of AI, RC 365 is transforming how businesses function in the digital age.

RC365 Holding plc (LSE: RCGH), a company specializing in payment gateway solutions and IT support. With locations in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and planned expansion into Malaysia, its regional headquarters are based in Hong Kong. CEO & Executive Director Michael Law and non-executive director Ajay Rajpal recently shared updates on the company’s progress since its listing on the London Stock Exchange in March 2022. Law expressed the company’s intention to evolve into a comprehensive fintech company, aiming to reshape the fintech sector itself.

With the EU AI Act coming into picture, it has become all the more safe for investors to explore this space, now that categories of risks are clearly demarcated. Some of the most active investors of AI in the EU are the European Innovation Council, Bpifrance, Index Ventures, Speedinvest, btov Partners, etc. Some really potent AI start-ups on the other hand include Transmetrics, Aflorithmic, Tucuvi, Beams, Endel, AI Superior, Poly AI, etc. 

Pitchbook reported 6,727 global deals in AI and machine learning in 2022, amounting to a total investment of $78 billion USD. Notably, Nvidia, a major AI chip player, has shown interest in European investments, potentially aligning with other semiconductor leaders like Intel in the region.

Industries throughout the EU are embracing AI across sectors like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and agriculture. For instance, AI’s growing role in precision agriculture across Europe, aimed at enhancing crop yields and resource efficiency, highlights investment potential in agtech AI startups. The region also witnesses significant startup activity, including successful exits like UiPath’s 2021 IPO, indicating investor interest and opportunities. One must consider regions with robust AI adoption in public services, such as Estonia’s AI-driven healthcare solutions and the Netherlands’ AI-powered transportation systems as investment prospects.

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