Enhance productivity by measuring it, start-ups reiterate 


A project’s progress can only be tracked when put into numbers. Given the rising cost of living issues in the business hubs of Europe, work from home is gaining more attention. However, monitoring the ‘work’ in WFH is also imperative. Let’s look at some interesting start-ups that enable people to gauge performance.  

The Isaak system, created by a London-based company called Status Today, is currently tracking the activities of 130,000 individuals in the UK and overseas in real-time. This system assesses the qualities of staff members. It represents the latest instance of a growing trend employing algorithms to oversee personnel. While trade unions express concerns about this trend fostering distrust, others believe it could potentially mitigate bias effects.

Disperse, another start-up has crafted a platform allowing construction project managers to efficiently receive actionable insights in a user-friendly format. The system achieves this by capturing images and employing computer vision to promptly identify issues. Established in 2015, this London-based startup recently secured $16 million in funding. The funding round was spearheaded by 2150 and saw participation from Northzone and Kindred Capital. This can be truly helpful to a lot of countries in Europe facing housing shortfalls.

Since productivity doesn’t just come from monitoring but also from an employee’s well-being, a lot of start-ups also focus on welfare. For example, in Sweden, most workplaces observe Fika twice daily, which involves taking a work break, enjoying coffee, and conversing with colleagues in a relaxed setting. London’s Fika App aims to promote mental health support among individuals. The app concentrates on enhancing emotional well-being through self-reflection, conversations, active listening, inquiries, and fostering connections with others. Memory, a Norwegian startup, employs AI and digital technology to develop a range of tools aimed at addressing the common time-related challenges encountered by modern workers.

Speaking of employee benefits, a start-up by the name of Kadmos has created an end to end platform for payments made to migrant workers. While this is not directly related to improving productivity, it certainly bridges the gap between the employer and the employee. 

As an entrepreneur looking for opportunities, to indulge in the business of productivity enabling is of great scope. An entrepreneur with an already established model can consider using such methods depending on their budget. 

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